Aerospace / AJ Walter Aviation Limited Case Study

CUSTOMER: AJ Walter Aviation Limited, a commercial company and the world leading independent specialist in the global supply, exchange, repair and lease of airframe and engine spare parts. Through an innovative and collaborative approach, the company delivers highly effective and tailored component supply chain solution to transform aviation efficiency. They used their vast reach where they also can utilize their size to support power by the hour (PBH). One who spends a lot of time flying would understand the importance of having parts where they need them as quickly as possible. The cost associated with storing parts globally is much higher so moving them around is the only way to fulfill such a need.

NEED: With so many parts and repair capabilities, the majority of AJ Walter’s shipping needs are expedited requests. They use transportation services to move items globally to/from their customers and vendors. Because they support so many customers globally, there is a constant need for expeditious shipping with a trusted solutions provider. Examples of their shipping requests include airplane parts that need to be shipped out to airlines or internal partners who focus on maintenance, repair and operations. In addition, they use internal partners like AJW Technique in Montreal, Canada for many of their emergency repair needs. As the largest aviation importer and exporter out of England, finding a global solutions provider who can effectively manage each expedited shipment is imperative to their continued success.

SOLUTION: The old saying that time is money is certainly relevant when it comes to aviation, but certainly to AJ Walters it is vital to their success. Team Dallas currently has provided service in and out of several locations as they do have many ad-hoc shipments that qualify as AOG. Team Dallas is able to build specific routing solutions by lane. We stand out against our competition
thanks to the knowledgeable and connected staff at our Dallas location. Our staff is trained to quickly react, build out lane specific solutions, choose what direct flights are available, know what the cut-off looks like, and quickly determine if Team is able to handle and meet AJ Walter’s needs. Due to our seamless setup, we are able to move AJ Walter’s expedited AOG shipments, including tires, engines, engine stands, and units. Big or small, Team Dallas can quickly manage it all.

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